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Invest in Dubai: The World’s Most Attractive Real Estate Market

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Entering Dubai's real estate market means entering a dollar-based economy. By purchasing property with roubles, you eliminate the need to constantly recalculate your profits against the rising exchange rate and can confidently secure your earnings.

Explore real estate market in Dubai

Invest in the Most Attractive Real Estate in the World

The UAE authorities have pegged the dirham to the US dollar since 1997, ensuring its value remains stable. Amid global devaluation of reserve currencies against the US dollar, the dirham is recognized as one of the world's most stable currencies.

A City for the Successful and Affluent

Dubai is a city chosen by the successful and affluent. It's a destination where people arrive already accomplished and wealthy. Affluent individuals flock to Dubai to escape the cold seasons of their homelands, enjoying the fall and winter in a warm climate with an average daily temperature of 25°C and nearly constant sunshine.

Welcoming Environment and Attractive Policies

Dubai warmly welcomes its new residents, offering a politically and economically stable and secure environment. The city implements an attractive investment policy, including full property ownership rights, tax benefits, and streamlined purchasing procedures.

A hub for business and excellence

Investing in Infrastructure and Sustainability

The UAE is actively investing in infrastructure development, including transport networks, educational and medical institutions. Efforts are also underway to enhance environmental sustainability. 

The creation of an innovative digital society, with modern information technologies integrated into all economic sectors, will make life in the Emirates even more convenient and comfortable.

A Hub for Business and Professional Excellence

In this modern metropolis, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and specialists from various fields come to Dubai to realize their potential and excel in their professions, finding strength and opportunity in the city.

Attracting Global Wealth and Talent

According to international consulting firm Henley & Partners, which conducts regular studies on capital migration, the Emirates have surpassed jurisdictions like Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, and the USA in attracting the highest number of millionaires and billionaires as residents.

Dubai attracts global wealth

A Neutral and Safe Haven

In a recent interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson, Pavel Durov described Dubai as a neutral city that has become the most convenient and safe place for him to both live and establish the headquarters of his messaging service, Telegram. He mentioned that neither America nor Europe offered him the same opportunities due to politically biased authorities.

Peaceful and Stable Environment

The UAE's neutral stance on Arab-Israeli conflicts, from the mid-20th century to the present day, as well as other geopolitical disputes, wars, and confrontations, has positively impacted the country's tranquillity.

Growing Demand in Real Estate

The stability of the UAE real estate market is maintained by the continuous influx of new residents who choose this peaceful and prosperous region for their home.

A neutral and safe haven

A Magnet for Successful and Independent Individuals

The youthful energy of this modern city without a deep history resonates deeply with successful and independent people from around the world. Remarkably, just forty years ago, this area was a desert. Today, a thriving garden city stands in its place! Dubai continues to evolve, becoming a better version of itself each year. It is a young city of the future that has already arrived in the present.

Innovative and High-Quality Real Estate

Real estate in the UAE is renowned for its innovative design and high quality. This includes luxurious apartments, villas, commercial spaces, and unique projects like artificial islands. The rapid growth and economic development of the UAE, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are driven by economic diversification from oil to sectors such as tourism, trade, logistics, finance, and technology.

Minimal Tax Burden in Dubai

A Welcoming Cosmopolitan Environment

In Dubai, you never feel like a stranger. Nearly 90% of Dubai's residents are expatriates—people who have come to live, work, or study in the emirate—while only 10% of the population consists of local Arabs. So, out of ten people you meet on the street, nine are expatriates, and only one is a native.

High Demand and Opportunities in Real Estate

The large foreign population in the UAE creates a high demand for real estate. This opens up opportunities for investors and real estate agencies offering properties to international clients.

One of the Safest Countries in the World

The Emirates rank among the top three safest countries globally. Any form of nationalism, racial discrimination, insults, or humiliation is strictly prohibited, regardless of one's faith, political views, or financial status. Additionally, begging is legally banned in Dubai. You won’t encounter homeless people or beggars on the streets, contributing to a comfortable living environment.

Minimal Tax Burden

In Dubai, property tax is paid only once during the purchase. The UAE imposes minimal tax burdens on businesses. Employers previously only had to pay a 5% VAT and no other taxes, except for employee work visas.

Booming Real Estate Market

Recently, after significant pressure from the US, the UAE introduced a 9% corporate tax. For professionals, this is significant: there are no personal income taxes. Employers pay for work visas once a year, allowing employees to keep all their earnings without worrying about taxes.

Booming Real Estate Market

According to the Dubai Land Department, over 50% of total sales in the second half of 2023 were for ready properties. Due to the rapid growth in sales volumes and prices of new constructions, the secondary real estate market is increasingly attracting global buyers. Many investors who purchased quality projects in 2022 or earlier can now realize significant profits.

Many buyers prefer ready properties in Dubai to qualify for a "golden" visa, which requires the property to be completed. This demand makes investing in under-construction properties highly lucrative as they become readily available.

Stable and Attractive Market

UBS SWISS annually studies the overheating of real estate markets in major cities. Their latest research indicates that, unlike overvalued markets like Miami, Geneva, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, Paris, Sydney, Zurich, and Tokyo, Dubai's market is not overheated and shows no signs of a bubble. Instead, Dubai's real estate market has seen consistent and deserved price growth, making it a highly attractive investment destination.

Reasons To Invest in Dubai's Real Estate

In 2022, real estate transactions in the emirate increased by 44.7% compared to the previous year, with total transaction value reaching a record 528 billion AED ($143.8 billion USD), a 76.5% increase. This trend continued into 2023, with transaction volumes in the first quarter 60% higher than the same period in 2022. The demand for Dubai real estate, particularly luxury properties, has surged due to foreigners looking to relocate or transfer their capital.

In the same year, Dubai was named the most profitable and expensive place for property owners renting short-term on Airbnb. The highest earnings were made by property owners near the Burj Khalifa, with Dubai offering the highest monthly rates on Airbnb

Flexible Payment Plans for New Properties

Purchasing new property in Dubai doesn’t require immediate full payment. Buyers can purchase directly from developers with interest-free instalment plans. Typically, the down payment is 10%, followed by another 10% after registering the deal with the Dubai Land Department. The remaining 30-40% is paid in instalments during construction, with the final amount due upon completion and key handover.

Dubai is the best place to make real estate investments

These instalment plans are an excellent business strategy for Dubai’s international market, where most buyers are non-residents. This approach is more advantageous than mortgages, providing additional market stability by avoiding bank foreclosures and significant discounts. Developers, not banks, offer these plans, reselling the property at current market value if a deal falls through.

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