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Saudi Arabia Real Estate Trends 2024: Insights and Opportunities

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The real estate landscape in Saudi Arabia is undergoing a dynamic transformation, largely fuelled by the ambitious Vision 2030 projects, which are ushering in significant growth across the sector. Here's a comprehensive overview of what's trending in terms of property types, pricing nuances, and the regulatory environment affecting real estate investments.

Trends of 2024

Shift Towards Apartments

As Saudi Arabia's real estate market flourishes, experts highlight a pronounced shift towards apartments, attributing this trend to decreasing household sizes and a burgeoning population.

Some experts emphasize the urban preference for apartments, especially in major cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah.

Others observed a rising inclination towards spacious three-bedroom apartments, underlining the importance of dining areas within these homes.

spacious three-bedroom apartments

The allure of Saudi residential options is increasingly defined by affordability and the allure of modern conveniences. The evolving demographic trends, coupled with the influx of single expatriates, are steering preferences towards more compact living solutions.

Remote Work

Recent analyses have spotlighted a pivot towards homes that can accommodate remote work, in line with the rise of flexible working patterns. This adjustment in residential preferences comes as Saudi Arabia reported a climb in occupancy rates to 63 percent in 2023 from 58 percent the previous year.

A cornerstone of Vision 2030 is the development of tourism, with significant visitor numbers reported in the first half of last year. This uptick in tourism parallels the real estate sector's growth, with an emphasis on apartment living driven by affordability and government initiatives aimed at promoting homeownership and augmenting housing supply.

development of tourism in Dubai

With new real estate projects being delivered across major cities, including notable developments in Riyadh and Dammam, the market has witnessed a substantial volume of residential transactions. The competitive rental landscape in Riyadh has seen apartment rents experiencing sharp increases, influenced by location and available amenities.

The comparison between apartments and villas brings to light differences in affordability, privacy, and available space, with apartments generally being more cost-effective and offering shared amenities.

For non-Saudi investors, the real estate market is governed by specific regulations and restrictions, although recent legislative changes have started to ease these constraints, allowing for greater foreign ownership in designated areas. These evolving regulations are part of Saudi Arabia's broader economic diversification strategy, aiming to make the real estate market more accessible to international investors.

Off-Plan Developments

The trend towards off-plan properties offers potential benefits in terms of pricing and selection, albeit with associated risks like project delays. The luxury property segment stands out in Saudi Arabia, with cities like Riyadh, Jeddah, and Khobar offering exclusive living options for the affluent.

Trend towards off-plan properties

Investors and buyers navigating the Saudi real estate market must consider various factors, including such as:

  • budget constraints,
  • commute times, and
  • desired amenities.

Emerging trends and government initiatives are reshaping the market, with a focus on addressing the housing needs of the middle class and promoting sustainable urban development.

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