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Dubai Developers Offer Golden Visa Benefits

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Developers in the UAE and Dubai start offering attractive Golden Visa benefits to eligible buyers, taking advantage of the visa scheme.

Property developers in Dubai try to take advantage of the Golden Visa scheme by offering benefits, including covering the costs of getting a visa for eligible customers.

Dubai Property Market 2022

June 2022 saw AED 22.7bn property sales in Dubai, the highest number over the past 13 years. It is almost 71% of total values in 2021, data by DLD suggests.

As a result, property developers in Dubai are taking advantage of the visa scheme to help property buyers get a Golden Visa in the UAE.

Buyers who purchase a home in Dubai off-plan or via a mortgage now can obtain a 10-year residency in the state with a Golden Visa. This initiative is part of the government’s plan to attract more investment in the state and boost the prospect of living in the UAE.

Industry Experts Comment

Property experts agree that new flexible rules for obtaining a 10-year visa via purchasing new homes will attract more international investment to the state.

New regulations for the Golden Visa are reshaping the real estate market in the UAE. They take advantage of the market momentum it’s garnered over the past 24 months.

Now, buyers can get a Golden Visa when buying a secondary or off-plan property for AED 2m, which can be mortgaged. This covers multiple common scenarios for both international buyers and UAE homeowners.

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