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Swiss Property developments

We have been the dream team for everyone wanting to buy or sell a property in the Swiss Alps for more than three decades. Imagine having a friend who spent all winters in each of the resorts and has an eye out for all the differences, legal and otherwise. That’s us! We’re here to see that you have an easy ride while buying or selling property and don’t charge anything extra for being there for you. Our headquarters are in Saas Fee, but our strong expectations spread over more than 20 Swiss resorts. Whether you need someone to complete a property appraisal, showcase your property potential to a prospective buyer, or we could just accommodate a get-together to chat about your options, we’re here to help. Besides, we’re open to getting to know you during a skiing weekend – that’s how we do business in our part of the world. But let’s introduce ourselves and our experience: access has been in the Swiss property business for 35 years, and Rob joined the best ride a decade ago. Alex, our sales expert, has been a resident of Saas Fee for 15 years. Flo is our wildlife expert, and Joanne knows how to make a snug feel seating in any place. We’ll leverage all our knowledge to get you started.


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