Property in: Dubai

Tameer developments

Meet Tameer, the leader on the quest for triumph, where teamwork, groundbreaking approaches, and dividing the spoils of glory are the stars. Ever since, Tameer has been creating history, demonstrating that their undertakings are more than merely buildings and projects, rather creating a more healthy the society that they influence. Cast your mind back to before 2009 and there’s Tameer, shining like a lantern on the financial markets of Bahrain and Kuwait, with a meteoric increase in capital from $16 million in 2002 to a whopping $97.37 million in 2008.

But they needed to alter their fantasy and reach for the sky. That’s how Tameer became Inovest BSC, the emerging investment behemoth with A-grade (A ) creditworthiness that continues to grab the headlines on the Bahrain and Kuwait Stock Exchanges . Tameer didn’t vanish however; it resurrected, if possible, as Inovest BSC’s investment arm muscle for the finest in real estate development. Ultimately, Tameer delves deep into the real estate world, whether it’s investing, advising or taking part in the projects. They’re more in the legacy-building industry than anything else.


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