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All Apartments to buy near Airport Terminal 3 station, Dubai

Boutique 23

Boutique 23

LMD Developers Bur Dubai
Price from 750,000

Finding Your Dream Home: A Guide to Informed Decision-Making Choosing a new home is a significant event in the life of any person that symbolizes the beginning of an essential stage. The choice is not limited to finding the house for sale but implies…

Completion Bedrooms
2026 1,2,3,4
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Price of Apartments near Airport Terminal 3 station

Most new homebuyers pay close attention to the location when choosing a new property near Airport Terminal 3 station. It is a sensible thing to do since location often determines a future lifestyle in a new apartment.

Choosing to live near Airport Terminal 3 means embracing a lifestyle where the city's extensive offerings are just a quick journey away, complemented by an abundance of neighbourhood conveniences like retail outlets, recreational parks, and educational facilities. This blend of modern living, accessibility, and a lively community spirit is ideal for newcomers and long-term residents alike.

The cost of a new development in Dubai starts from 287 999 AED.

The maximum price for Apartments does not exceed 2 350 000 AED.

Advantages of buying a Apartments near Airport Terminal 3 station

The prime positioning of these residences near Airport Terminal 3 station places inhabitants at the heart of dynamic urban living while still providing a serene retreat. Opting for a flat here is an excellent decision for those desiring a balance between peaceful living and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Currently, there are 22 new homes for sale near Airport Terminal 3, Dubai. The area also showcases a dedication to sustainable community growth, highlighted by initiatives to augment parklands, initiate educational projects, and upgrade favourite local spots.

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