Property in: Dubai

Keymaven developer developments

Setting a new benchmark in the market, Keymaven is a luxury-value concept due to its top-quality of spaciousness and amenities. The concept is focused on environments that would portrait "SoHo"; thus, the experience could be considered an upper – midmarket residential offering.

Keymaven environments are amplified by art, food, fashion, music, and gaming, central to individuals’ experiences of excelling their lives. Besides residential offerings, Keymaven is differentiated by Retail Solutions . The company develops branded destination retail spaces not intended solely to house the needs of the community but to attract A-grade tenants and introduce new concepts to the market. In other words, it does true portfolio management.

Value Labs is the Keymaven’s version of an innovation hub. The team is responsible for the company’s research and development, technology, and specialty projects. The team develops the Product DNA for their developments, and data is managed to create data for their investment packages, establishing focus on value creation.

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