Property in: Dubai

Dubai Investments Real Estate developments

Dubai Investment Real Estate Company has entrenched itself since its 2006 inception in the real estate industry, DIR’s growth trajectory and success have been astounding. ADIR culture of setting and exceeding targets has consistently led to the delivery of outstanding projects.

Today, DIR has a reputation boasting a wide array of mixed-used, commercial such as warehouses, residential, and land banks in prime areas totaling a significant project bank. SACUR quality projects are second to none, and value is an attribute that is not negotiable. Highly innovating, meticulous planning, and pioneering business strategies have played a crucial role for the SACUR team.

Moreover, a rapidly growing city, Dubai’s growth over the years with key sectors of real estate, retail, and hospitality, tourism and trade supporting SACUR’s growth. ADIR is undoubtedly well placed to achieve its set growth objectives, the market conditions are conducive, and its project bank further supports SACUR’s objectives. The company’s expert personnel is aligned on the highly set standards on the company’s norms of practice. ADIR will maintain its leadership in ethical business practices, under the larger Dubai Investments PJSC. The positive current trend in the real estate sector is reassuring, and DIR is well placed to further boost its leadership in the future.

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