Property in: Dubai

Consolidated Urban Real Estate developments

At Consolidated Urban, we’re on a mission to disrupt the property business as usual. At the core of our business model is this simple philosophy: property needs to be cool again. We also launched a new concept that we are calling the property cities of the property future. We’re not just building spaces here; we’re setting the blueprint for the future of these city blocks.

Our mission, for the most part, is to bring back to life worn-down city blocks, towns, and distressed properties in city centers and recreate them as city blocks. The end product will become the ideal urban blocks or city blocks, which will not only offer cultural hotspots and student accommodation but also affordable living spaces, commercial and retail spaces laden with commercial activities and the like.

But we cannot possibly do all this on our own; we need architects, designers, and financiers — stakeholders who share in our ideal city block vision. After an in-depth analysis of what areas need to rejuvenate their urban blocks, hands-on management, and an expert design approach, we work with consultants to bring our ideal urban block to life. We want these streets to be ones where you feel safe, destinations you want to check out, and workspaces where you want to spend your day, all curated from the citizens’ ideal perspective.


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