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Ajmal Makan Real Estate developments

Ajmal Makan City – Sharjah Waterfront is a progressive development that will consist of eight uniquely designed islands. It represents one of the most impressive mixed-use projects in progress in Sharjah, which is transforming the landscape into a new coastal city on the Arabian Gulf. With 60 million square feet of pristine waterfront expanse, it is an ideal haven for residents and holiday goers . The project is a city within a city that offers all the needs of modern living under one roof. Residents and holidaymakers will be able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in modern complexes where they can live, work, shop, dine, and play.

Being one of the largest master-planned waterfront community in the Northern Emirates, AJMAL MAKAN City – Sharjah Waterfront promises to open economic doors to developers, investors, buyers, companies, and just about anyone else associated with it. The community will hold 60,000 people in 1,500 different types of houses and up to 95 high-rise commercial and residential towers. Ajmal Makan City – Sharjah Waterfront will also feature multiple shopping malls, business centers, a water theme park on an eight-island complex, and a marina with an 800-yacht capacity. The proposed city to be a pollution-free one, providing facilities and infrastructure of international standards to accommodate a high-quality lifestyle.

It is a perfect holiday destination with its beautiful sandy beaches, natural surrounding, moderate climate, and places for leisure and shopping. The city includes eight distinct islands linked by natural canals over a 36 km stretch of coast. The islands will be flushed every 12 hours with crystal blue seawater due to the tides, unlike any other city in the world, thanks to the expertise of one of the most experienced companies in the world. In addition, 60% of the city is gardens, parks, and landscaped roads covered with natural greenery and flower beds.

The AJMAL MAKAN City – Sharjah Waterfront will commit to international standards for environmental sustainability to ensure a green environment, using green building development practices to ensure that the whole project will leave a minimal total carbon footprint. In conclusion, AJMAL MAKAN City – Sharjah Waterfront is not just a development but also a dream of such an environment. It is a clean and minimal greenhouse that offers residents and visitors a central lifestyle.


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